Traces of Mika

a visual memoir

Traces of Mika, is an inspirational documentary derived from Tamika Newhouse’s unscripted podcast series of the same title. In her debut as a filmmaker, Newhouse, explores the importance of healing from childhood traumas while exploring her family history. Her journey of learning about her family’s past helps her unlearn generational curses.  Facing her past and pushing through her uncertainty, she is determined to love her people while they are here.

Part documentation, the film is a visual memoir that celebrates the dynamic complexities of Black family bonds, mental healing among Black women, and features original songs.


Why develop a film for Traces of Mika, a visual memoir?

Challenging the angry Black women stigma, this visual memoir is an effort to humanize Black women. The film was created to show Tamika's brave journey in healing core childhood issues and empowering Black families by reconnecting with hers. She aims to inspire viewers to lead with love when facing uncomfortable truths from the past to achieve true healing.

Building Community 

With Tamika’s “We all need each other” mentality, we aspire to motivate the Black community to heal from past pains and traumas and come together to heal generational curses while building generational wealth.

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