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Tamika Newhouse is an author, publisher, speaker, producer, and CEO of AAMBC Inc., a literary agency. She’s had an interesting journey, going from a teen mom to the author of 17 novels, as well as the winner of 8 African American Literary Awards. She also created Delphine Publications which has published nearly 200 titles and launched the careers of numerous writers. In addition to writing and publishing, Tamika tours the country speaking about overcoming her teen pregnancy to fulfill her dreams.Tamika has made her debut in film-making as associate producer and screenwriter to the 8 Ball and MJG biopic, “Comin Out Hard.” Traces of Mika will be her directorial debut, a new world she’s excited to explore. Using her resources and expertise, she teaches aspiring writers and creatives the skills needed to enter the entertainment and literary industries. 

a woman in a green dress standing in front of a mural

a woman in a green dress standing in front of a mural

Bringing my stories to life is my next goal and why not star in it myself lol. So I did, with my romance novel, Suga Hill, Act II releases Fall 2022.

Tamika Newhouse



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FOLLOW ME @tamikanewhouse